Our goal is to provide superior healthcare providers to all healthcare delivery systems through offering the most competitive compensation packages and being responsive in every capacity to our healthcare providers.

Nurses “R”. Special, Inc. was created in 1987 by Marrieta Lanza at her kitchen table. Her passion and dedication to hard work and understanding of the importance of the relationship between the nurse and the healthcare providers is fundamental in the way we operate Nurses “R” Special, Inc. Her leadership over the past 32 years of business has allowed Nurses “R” Special, Inc. to offer numerous services to healthcare providers in our communities, including per diem, traveling, permanent placement, and international hires.
In 2019, Nurses “R” Special, Inc. was acquired by 1922 MedStaff, Inc. 1922 MedStaff, Inc. was the vision of Jeffrey A. Wade, our current President and CEO, and his late partner, Bert W. Lazar. Together they strove to create a healthcare staffing agency that accommodated the needs of the healthcare industry while focusing on the healthcare professional. 1922 MedStaff, Inc. endeavors to represent the essence of the healthcare industry today – top-tier talent provided to assist those in need in the community, while also continuing the goal to become an epitome of goodwill among the rest of the supplemental staffing companies here in the United States.
NRS Staffing, LLC., formally known as Nurses “R” Special, Inc., is a Joint Commission certified healthcare staffing agency that is using its 32 years of experience to provide top-tier talent to healthcare facilities across the country. Although NRS Staffing, LLC. is focused on growth, we will maintain the boutique experience that currently sets us apart from our larger competitors. Here at NRS Staffing, LLC., we understand the importance of talent, experience and communication, and promote the positive relationships between our organization, our healthcare partners, and the healthcare staff themselves.

Our Value Proposition: Healthcare Professionals

Our success as an organization stems from the capabilities of our healthcare staff, and therefore we strive to create and maintain an organizational structure that promotes professional growth, learning opportunities, competitive benefits and top-tier compensation for any and all work provided.

Alongside our competitive rates, NRS Staffing, LLC. provides our healthcare professionals opportunities to grow their professional capabilities through training and assessments, receive bonuses and incentives based on shifts covered and referrals made, access to healthcare benefits to per diem and travel nurses, and other incentives based on what you need not ours.