Staffing Solutions

Per Diem Nursing

Per Diem Nursing, or “per day” nursing, allows for flexibility outside of what can normally be obtained as a full-time staff within the hospital setting. By choosing Per Diem with NRS Staffing, LLC., you can break up the monotony of the same healthcare facilities and units and instead allow yourself the opportunity to try different locations and responsibilities. Per Diem Nursing with NRS Staffing, LLC. can allow you the shifts that fit within your life and schedule, increasing the balance between work and your personal life to best accommodate what you need in both settings. With our competitive hourly rates and the increased need of Per Diem placements within the healthcare facilities we serve, NRS Staffing, LLC. is a premier opportunity to continue your professional growth.

Travel Healthcare

Are you looking to utilize your healthcare capabilities to maintain consistent employment while trying out new things for yourself? Travel Healthcare with NRS Staffing, LLC. encourages you to travel the country, increase your professional opportunities, and seek out personal possibilities that can coincide with your professional responsibilities. Travel Healthcare with NRS Staffing, LLC. opens a realm of potential placements across the United States, with locations in the areas that you desire most. Whether you prefer to spend your time in the hustle and bustle of some of our country’s most exciting cities or are looking for an opportunity to go out and become one with nature, NRS Staffing, LLC. has contracts with healthcare facilities all over the country to fit your needs.

Temporary to Permanent Placements

If you are unsure about a potential new location or are just looking to try something new, NRS Staffing, LLC. can offer you the opportunity to transfer from a temporary placement to a permanent placement. NRS Staffing, LLC. can provide you opportunities to travel to new locations or stay close to home, yet still provide you the flexibility of a temporary contract. This flexibility allows you options in terms of deciding to try something new and different at the end of this contract, or potentially extend this temporary placement to a full-time role with the healthcare facility. With this staffing option, you are in control of how you wish to progress in your professional opportunities – NRS Staffing, LLC. is here to help you get where you want to be!